Stuart January 16th, 2021

The better you knew Gus, the more you admired him. His outstanding record as a rugby player and captain of rugby teams is evidence of his playing skills and leadership qualities which were recognised early in his career. His courteous and gentle manner masked a very determined man for whom it was only natural that he and his team should be the best. These were the abilities which made him the kind of Head of P.E. which any headmaster would be so glad to have on his staff and the model which he presented to his pupils was a fine example to all. Others are able to speak of their experience of Gus as a rugby player and coach but perhaps not everyone had the opportunity, as I did, to talk with him about his interest in history, cultivated from an early age when some of his favourite books were the classic adventures of Marryat and Henty. He was very perceptive when suggesting that modern politicians would benefit greatly from knowing more history, particularly when planning the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. On a personal note, he had a connoisseur's taste for different beers, enjoyed in company with a good DVD, preferably action or adventure. I shall miss him so much.